Forest Walkies and Pet Sitters Price List 2017

Dog Walking Price

Per Dog, Per Walk : £10.00
Group (2 dogs same household) £18.00

All cats and small animals £10.00 for 1 visit per day
£15.00 for 2 visits per day

Dog Day Care

£20.00 per day (by negotiation)

Dog Boarding (minimum 24 hours)

By negotiation between £20.- £25.00 per day/night

Please note: Pets need to be vaccinated, dogs should be up to date especially kennel cough, de-fleaing and worming. Owners need to provide supplies of food and medication for their pet. Aggressive dogs will be walked on their own and on a lead at all times. They may be required to wear a muzzle. If I feel that the dog is becoming a danger to itself or any other animal or human, I reserve the right to cancel the walk immediately and still be paid. The owner accepts liability for any vets fees incurred. I reserve the right not to take bitches in season on some walks. Owners must provide emergency contact information.